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At first, it was warm, cozy and dark...

Now, I'm a writer, journalist, content marketer and creator, working with some of the biggest, brightest and boldest companies, brands & publications around the world. 

With an edgy, out-of-the-box approach to storytelling & content creation, I strive to create engaging, innovative and thought-provoking work. Always and forever!

Besides looking for love online (obviously for my work), I engage in activities involving H20 + board, friends, reads, travels, adventures, coffee - and on good days, all at the same time.

What I do (most of the time)

The Wild West, Lay days and Elephants Everywhere!

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. I’m back off the bench for this one! Okay, and now the other elephant. While my arrival in the West concerns literally no one, it’s a different Elephant everyone’s talking about. Am I right?!

Of course, I’m talking about Gabs and the WSL’s decision to award our current champ with a wildcard for the second half of the tour after months of riding Softboards (Yes, Medina has joined the bandwagon) instead of Cabianca blades.

The Maldives Re-imagined: Sustainability is the New Priority for Luxury Travel

As I’m waiting for my ride to get escorted to the first class seaplane lounge, my mind is running wild.

The elephant in the room for surfers worldwide, the topic discussed in hushed tones at best, but generally brushed aside, is that traveling for surf isn’t the most sustainable of leisure activities.

Throw an elevated traveling experience somewhere deep in the Indian Ocean into the mix, and you are basically vacationing at an energy level equivalent to a small power plant.

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