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Australia's No.1 Natural Insect Repellent | NoBites

If you have been looking for a natural, plant based, sustainably sourced repellent that actually works with the science to back it up, you have found the right product, right here. With our beautiful climate and natural abundance, being outside in the great outdoors, going on adventures, wetting aline or relaxing at home is a privilege most Australians enjoy, but biting insects can and will interrupt our favourite activities with over 300 species mosquitoes and over 200 species of biting midge

Online Shopping - Womens & Mens Surf Clothing & Fashion

Since its humble beginnings in an overflowing garage to a sophisticated, digital-platform that has serviced over 2 million customers - SurfStitch is your go-to for all things related to contemporary coastal culture. We’re all about those feel good, Saturday state of mind moments and use our selection of over 300 brands and their stories to provide you with the goods that best reflect your unique identity. Surf may be in our name, though we have grown to embrace the cultures that surround it. Be it fashion, travel, art, music or beyond, we stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends to help connect you with the same positive, passionate mindsets our brand stands by.

1 Platform to turn Molecules into Medicine - Apprentice

Tempo is the intelligent, all-in-one manufacturing solution for life sciences. It’s a cloud-based platform that works seamlessly across all stages of drug production - replacing your patchwork of disconnected systems. Designed around the needs of scientists, Tempo is built for speed and flexibility. Unlike on-premise systems, it allows resource definitions, master recipes, and production data to be shared instantly across teams – making the tech transfer process quick and easy. Tempo transform

VR Training - Immersive Learning

Game-based learning for professional development on PC, VR and MR Your browser does not support the video tag. We’re bringing experiential learning games to the professional world. Engage employees, change behavior and increase knowledge retention on a global scale – all through the very best in interactive, immersive learning experiences. Pixaera is trusted by teams in a number of industries, worldwide. And the list is growing. Built in the digital world. Made for the real world. Level up you

Surf and Snow Trips around the world

Looking for the ultimate Surf or Snow trip around the world? Look no further - book YOUR trip of a lifetime with LUEX! LUEX’s mission is to offer YOU the most complete holiday travel experience. We are committed to offer the Largest Selection of Sick Snow and Surf Trips, Objective Expert Advice and our Best Price Guarantee. LUEX cooperates with hundreds of trip operators around the world. We can guarantee to match/beat the prices available anywhere else as well as independently advice what drea

Physiotherapy & Sports Physiotherapists | Back In Motion

Who we are We provide physio, Clinical Exercise, reformer Clinical Exercise, massage, exercise and rehab services in more than 100 locations right across Australia. We like to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your health and well being goals. Why we're different A "quick-fix" for your pain or injury might sound good, but over time is proven to be inconvenient, costly and ineffective in comparison to taking preventative measures. Our unique clinical approach, Results4Life®, keeps

Growth Marketing Agency

Stimulus: Some type of stimulus happens to trigger a customer need for a product or service. This can be a life changing event, a TV commercial or a conversation with a friend. Consideration: Once the stimulus happens the consumer will use search engines and social sites to learn more about products and services before taking an action like buying. Growth Skills uses SEO, Content and paid search and social to make sure they find your website or app. Purchase: The consumer will take an action l
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How J-Bay Put The Dream Back in Tour

Do you know what the best thing is about the mid-season cull? More (relevant) surfing in way less time. Non-Elimination Rounds are no more, and every Heat has some sort of big-picture implications somewhere, for someone. The new format also means less but more work for everyone involved as we rifled through the J-Bay Cup in 4 days – lay day included. It’s like watching ‘American Psycho’ but skip the intro pleasantries right to the part where Christian Bale butchers Jared Leto with an Axe. Bea

Jeffrey's Bay is Back, Baby!

J-Bay is special for a number of reasons. For starters, J-Bay is the real deal. This isn’t a Central American compromise or a WSL sales pitch on the next best right-hand point-break. After a 3-year hiatus, the prestigious cobblestone-coated right-hander is back on the Cream Tour, and the timing couldn’t have been any better. After a few (too many) lackluster events with mediocre waves, the Dream Tour seemed more like a running joke than a league of the World’s best surfers.

Steph makes history and Colapinto defeats the Brazilian Storm

I suck at math, but I’m pretty sure there was a 75% possibility that a member of the Brazilian Storm would win some freshly mined Bitcoins and a shiny trophy courtesy of Nayib Bukele, the Head of State of the surf nation sandwiched between Guatemala and Honduras. Spoiler alert; it didn’t happen. What a week it’s been. Choco slob supplanted lay days, only to be replaced by a mini window of pretty fun surf. Of course, the J Bay comparisons turned out to be a hoax, but what gives.

Here's what you've missed from the Bitcoin Cup on Day 2

Waking up to Jessi Miley-Dyer and Shannon Hughes using words like “huge”, “pretty fun”, or “full day” is always a good sign, even if it’s in the middle of the god damn night. But, early wake-ups call for everyone’s favourite legal drug – coffee, yes, coffee!, while a (kinda) firing righthand point-break definitely helps to get over the chronic daily working slump. A full day of competition usually means heartbreaks, upsets, buzzer moments, creative claims, and on good days, all at the same time

Here's What You've missed from the Bitcoin Cup on Day 1

El Salvador, 5 years ago, had a shitload of crime. Today, El Salvador has a shitload of crime, a millennial president fighting a shitload of crime occasionally in a baseball cap, the Nakamoto coin as a legal tender and a shiny new CT venue. Apparently, it’s the Latin American version of another wave featuring on the Cream Tour – Jeffrey’s Bay. But then again, Julian Wilson once was touted as the Aussie version of Kelly Slater. Carmen Electra the younger version of Pamela Anderson.

Why win easy when you can make it friggin' hard?!

After a challenging week with lay days, Rona scares, unfavourable winds and mediocre waves, G-Land cleaned herself up nicely for Finals Day. But it’s been a trip. Literally. For the cream of the crop of the Dream Tour, the jungle experience hasn’t been easy. A pumping swell gradually tapered off right before the start of the waiting period, which left surfers scrambling for scores in the water and scrambling for anything to do to keep a sharp mind on land.


It’s the year 1972. Travelling to Indonesia resembles more the format of the famous TV show The Amazing Race rather than a quick Jetstar strike mission – extra leg room included. Trips are scarce. The archipelago is unexplored and wild—Bali’s free of Potato Heads, Skygardens and Bintang singlets. Anyone attempting to travel to Indonesia from anywhere in the world needs a lot of time, patience, and an undeniable thirst for surprises.


Australia is a wrap. The Margaret River Pro is a week in the rear mirror. “Schnappa” was just taken out by the best-unsponsored surfer on tour and a prodigal daughter, respectively. But the hangover lingers. Surfers missing the cut are washing away their sorrows. Surfers still employed for the second half of the year, turning it up to 100. The obvious. Double W’s on home soil is one way to make a statement. It’s a pretty good time to be Australian right now.

The Wild West, Lay days and Elephants Everywhere!

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. I’m back off the bench for this one! Okay, and now the other elephant. While my arrival in the West concerns literally no one, it’s a different Elephant everyone’s talking about. Am I right?! Of course, I’m talking about Gabs and the WSL’s decision to award our current champ with a wildcard for the second half of the tour after months of riding Softboards (Yes, Medina has joined the bandwagon) instead of Cabianca blades.


Quick Sunday check-in from the flight deck before we’re headed into Finals Day in the coming days. I, too, made it to the land of Pastel de Belém after a Tour de Basque and way too many toll fees in favor of shaving a few minutes off the GPS. Unfortunately, the circus has taken over the prime real estate in Peniche. Not that I could afford beachfront living anyway, but as a result, I’ve settled somewhere in the dazzling hinterlands – a 50-minute drive from the shiny bright lights of the WSL.

Hawaii is Officially a Wrap!

What a whirlwind of emotions it’s been. Twenty days filled with major upsets, history in the making, wildcard podiums, and waves, lots of great waves. The North Shore did not disappoint! It’s exactly how you want the WSL to start the season. Pipe and Sunset certainly raised the bar of competition for years to come. The decision to kick off the season with two back-to-back events at waves of consequence worked out to be kinda genius from Elo (Erik Logan) and the WSL gang.

Local knowledge Spoils Tyler Wright's homecoming party at Sunset

The women have finally entered the chat. After a 12-year hiatus and a few days in the sand, the women’s CT officially ran it back at Sunset Beach. It’s a homecoming for Tyler Wright, Carissa Moore and Steph Gilmore, who have all taken home the Sunset trophy in the past, and Sally Fitz, who came close to victory (twice!!) at the iconic reef/point break along the seven-mile miracle. Aside from these tour veterans, though, not many of the girls have surfed Sunset Beach in a jersey.
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