Here's what you've missed from the Bitcoin Cup on Day 2

Waking up to Jessi Miley-Dyer and Shannon Hughes using words like “huge”, “pretty fun”, or “full day” is always a good sign, even if it’s in the middle of the god damn night. But, early wake-ups call for everyone’s favourite legal drug – coffee, yes, coffee!, while a (kinda) firing righthand point-break definitely helps to get over the chronic daily working slump. A full day of competition usually means heartbreaks, upsets, buzzer moments, creative claims, and on good days, all at the same time

Here's What You've missed from the Bitcoin Cup on Day 1

El Salvador, 5 years ago, had a shitload of crime. Today, El Salvador has a shitload of crime, a millennial president fighting a shitload of crime occasionally in a baseball cap, the Nakamoto coin as a legal tender and a shiny new CT venue. Apparently, it’s the Latin American version of another wave featuring on the Cream Tour – Jeffrey’s Bay. But then again, Julian Wilson once was touted as the Aussie version of Kelly Slater. Carmen Electra the younger version of Pamela Anderson.

Why win easy when you can make it friggin' hard?!

After a challenging week with lay days, Rona scares, unfavourable winds and mediocre waves, G-Land cleaned herself up nicely for Finals Day. But it’s been a trip. Literally. For the cream of the crop of the Dream Tour, the jungle experience hasn’t been easy. A pumping swell gradually tapered off right before the start of the waiting period, which left surfers scrambling for scores in the water and scrambling for anything to do to keep a sharp mind on land.


It’s the year 1972. Travelling to Indonesia resembles more the format of the famous TV show The Amazing Race rather than a quick Jetstar strike mission – extra leg room included. Trips are scarce. The archipelago is unexplored and wild—Bali’s free of Potato Heads, Skygardens and Bintang singlets. Anyone attempting to travel to Indonesia from anywhere in the world needs a lot of time, patience, and an undeniable thirst for surprises.


Australia is a wrap. The Margaret River Pro is a week in the rear mirror. “Schnappa” was just taken out by the best-unsponsored surfer on tour and a prodigal daughter, respectively. But the hangover lingers. Surfers missing the cut are washing away their sorrows. Surfers still employed for the second half of the year, turning it up to 100. The obvious. Double W’s on home soil is one way to make a statement. It’s a pretty good time to be Australian right now.

The Wild West, Lay days and Elephants Everywhere!

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. I’m back off the bench for this one! Okay, and now the other elephant. While my arrival in the West concerns literally no one, it’s a different Elephant everyone’s talking about. Am I right?! Of course, I’m talking about Gabs and the WSL’s decision to award our current champ with a wildcard for the second half of the tour after months of riding Softboards (Yes, Medina has joined the bandwagon) instead of Cabianca blades.


Quick Sunday check-in from the flight deck before we’re headed into Finals Day in the coming days. I, too, made it to the land of Pastel de Belém after a Tour de Basque and way too many toll fees in favor of shaving a few minutes off the GPS. Unfortunately, the circus has taken over the prime real estate in Peniche. Not that I could afford beachfront living anyway, but as a result, I’ve settled somewhere in the dazzling hinterlands – a 50-minute drive from the shiny bright lights of the WSL.

Hawaii is Officially a Wrap!

What a whirlwind of emotions it’s been. Twenty days filled with major upsets, history in the making, wildcard podiums, and waves, lots of great waves. The North Shore did not disappoint! It’s exactly how you want the WSL to start the season. Pipe and Sunset certainly raised the bar of competition for years to come. The decision to kick off the season with two back-to-back events at waves of consequence worked out to be kinda genius from Elo (Erik Logan) and the WSL gang.

Local knowledge Spoils Tyler Wright's homecoming party at Sunset

The women have finally entered the chat. After a 12-year hiatus and a few days in the sand, the women’s CT officially ran it back at Sunset Beach. It’s a homecoming for Tyler Wright, Carissa Moore and Steph Gilmore, who have all taken home the Sunset trophy in the past, and Sally Fitz, who came close to victory (twice!!) at the iconic reef/point break along the seven-mile miracle. Aside from these tour veterans, though, not many of the girls have surfed Sunset Beach in a jersey.

18 years later, Slater still wrestles with Sunset Beach

The circus has moved on. Just 1.93 kilometres up the road from Ehukai Beach Park for the second event of the year at Sunset Beach. Same posse, same scaffolding, same early free surfs, but a very different venue. What Pipeline lacks in turns and power surfing, Sunset Beach is the opposite. The lineup is bigger than a footy field. Shifty, unpredictable, with a nasty current running through the reef that gets hit by swells from all angles.


Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Yesterday was wild. Or was it the day before? Navigating time zones while sitting in my cubicle trying to keep up with all the drama spun my days into a blur, but it doesn’t matter. Slater did what Slater does and smoked Seth Moniz in the Men’s final, with a pair of 9s and a couple of (excellent) throwaways to win his 8th Pipe Pro, nine years after his last victory at Pipeline and five days before his 50th trip around the sun.

310 Degrees From The West

Somewhere along the 7-mile miracle are two waves planted right next to each other. One’s a left, the other one’s a right. One’s called Pipeline, the other one Backdoor. Why is this important? Because we are on People! The WSL has officially hijacked North Shore’s best neighbourhood sending out the boys for day 1 and the gals for day 2 of the Billabong Pipe Pro or Billabong Pro Pipe?! Either way, the Master is gone due to a naming rights dilemma.


The best part about every new season is that it’s a hard reset. A re-do. A clean slate and whatever wild prophecies people have seem like a sensible, educated call. It’s an anything-kind-of-goes scenario that makes pundits pounce at the opportunity because it makes them, or literally, anyone, look like they are half-decent at doing their job. With this in mind, it’s now or never for my unsolicited, baseless preview of the 22 Dream Tour, partly because Pipeline’s waiting period is fast approaching

Brett Connellan Bites Back

“The story has been told, re-told and recycled by pretty much every major news outlet Down Under and around the world. So it’s only fair we’re gonna do the same. On March 30, 2016, 22-year-old, soon-to-be-pro Brett Connellan was attacked by a shark at Bombo Beach, 124 clicks south of Sydney, New South Wales. The attack was brutal and should have been fatal if it wasn’t for a leash-turned tourniquet that day. Almost six years later, Brett’s back in the water, ripping.

Best Bet October / November: Where To Surf To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

While the days are definitely getting shorter and the water temp can occasionally drop below frosty, the Atlantic Ocean does not disappoint during this time of the year. Our friends in Northern Spain, the Basque Country, and South France will be able to tell you a tale or two about the wave quality in their backyards, but the real standout here is their neighbor to the south, Portugal.
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